Combustion Products

At the core of ACS lies the very best combustion engineers who know and understand the New York City boiler room. We carry the highest quality products designed to be safe, reliable and energy efficient. The goal of these products is to save you money. We know how to choose the best product for your situation.

Integration Engineering

Our team works hand in hand with consulting engineers, building owners, and contractors to design boiler room solutions that ensure a successful new or updated plant.

Meet the ACS Team

Roger Chapman

General Manager

Roger joins ACS with over 20 years executive experience in finance and operations in a custom manufacturing environment. He manages operations for ACS overseeing finance, customer and field service, sales and business planning.


VP, Systems Sales

John has over 29 years of experience as a sales engineer designing fuel oil handling systems for mission critical lifesupport/data centers, boiler loops, backup generators, flue gas pipe systems and generator exhaust systems.


Systems Engineer

Robert assists in providing engineered solutions for customers throughout the design, installation, and commissioning stages of their projects.

Richard Bohn

EE, Systems Engineer

Richard specializes in full scope support ranging from engineering design, procurement, and startup service on commercial to industrial applications.

Alex Canney

Systems Engineer

Jason Ashby

Sr. Systems Engineer

Peter Knauf

new england sales manager

Jacob Powell

Systems engineer